Our Products

Optical Components

We offer full spectrum of optical components from the deep UV (DUV) - Far IR (FIR) We offer all kinds of Optical glasses/ Colored glasses/ All kind of crystals/ Polymer optics/ Metal optics.
We supply optical components as like: Windows/ Lenses/ Beam Splitters /Optical filters/ ND filters/ Prisms/ Wave plates/ Polarized filters/ Objective lens etc. All components can be supplied with coating according to the required spec.

Fiber Optics, Light Sources

We offer illumination fibers/ bundles/ ring lights and others for industrial and medical application. We offer FS fibers and other special fibers as like poly crystalline fibers for laser application including special connectors and sizes. LED light sources are available by different wavelength and power as well.


We offer laser diode as single emitter for different wave length and complete laser modules including drivers and optics.

Raw Materials

We offer different sizes of CaF2 for UV/IR grade, ZnS (CLEARTRAN), ZnSe. All kind of raw materials are high quality in terms of optical characteristics are extremely qualified.


We offer a wide range of LED form UV-IR low power and high power including small viewing angle. We can offer single color and multi-color LED.

Mechanical components and Fluid Handling

We offer mechanical components that are made by different kind of metals and plastics. Different methods can be involved by producing these components as like CNC, Die Casting, Stamping, Injection molding applying different kind of surface finishing and coating. In addition, we offer mini magnetic driven gear pumps/flow meters/mini diaphragm pumps for medical and industrial application.

Flash Tubes

We offer Xe flash tubes for IPL application, the flash tubes can be made of borosilicate or quartz.

Transformers and trigger coils

We offer various kinds of transforms and trigger coils . Trigger coils are used for activation of Xe flash tube for different application. We supply different kind of transformers as like boosting/ RF/ inverter and others. All can be designed and produced for SMT machine.


We offer cuvette made of glass (B270) or quartz for industrial applications. The cuvette can be made by optical bonding or fusion, including coating if necessary. The TEC (thermoelectric Cooling) can be supplied according to the customer's spec. by different raw materials, different sealing materials and sizes. We can offer a complete cooling system as well.

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